Selling your home is both exciting and stressful.  A lot of factors go into the decision to list your home.  How much is our home worth? Will a different home better meet our needs? What neighborhoods would be a fit?

My experience in the Denver market help me to accurately price your home.  I watch the trends and can make sure we are ahead of the curve in pricing. I work extensively with you to prepare your home for the market, providing feedback on staging, and recommending contractors if needed.  We will work together to make sure your home stands out from the rest and shines to potential buyers.

Some of the professional services I provide when working with sellers:

  • An in-depth analysis of your home’s value compared to recent active, under contract, and sold homes in your area.
  • Suggestions about preparing your home prior to listing to make sure your home looks its best and stands out from the other homes on the market.
  • Professional photographs by a leading photographer in the industry.
  • Full color brochures delivered to your home on the day your house goes on the market.
  • An unparalleled web presence. Buyers often go to the internet even before contacting an agent to look at homes.


When should I sell my home?

The answer is not black and white. In general, the best time to sell is when you’re ready. There are advantages to selling in every season, however. Spring may be arguably the most ideal time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get great results in the other seasons as well.

How do I get my home ready to sell?

It’s important to get your house looking sparkly before you give buyers a peek. I can help you identify and prioritize what needs to be done before you sell or show your home. There are some things everyone must do, though:

  • Clean. I mean, would you walk into a dirty house and think “I could see myself living here”? Me either. In reality, if you want reasonable offers on your home you will need to remove clutter and clean thoroughly.
  • Make needed repairs. Stained carpet, broken door handles, missing outlet covers – there are likely at least a few items that need addressed in your home before you list it. Again, I’m here to help you make a list and prioritize.
  • Take great pictures. Photos make the first impression. My team can help take professional quality photos so that first impression is the best one.

How accurate are real estate websites at predicting my home value?

Not at all. There are several trendy sites out there that offer pricing options for sellers, but they draw from an algorithm that is rarely accurate. While they can often give a general idea of your home’s value, they are not reliant for accurately pricing your home for sale.

How do you figure out the value of my house?

As a Realtor I will do what’s called a comparative market analysis or “comp”. Some things taken into consideration when doing comps are:

  • Homes in similarity that have sold in close proximity to the property
  • Similar homes that are currently under contract but haven’t closed
  • Competing properties for sale in the area

Mostly though, I will compare your home to other homes that have sold closeby. Some of the factors I am comparing are:

  • Square footage of home
  • Style of home
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Property condition
  • Amenities (A/C, sprinkler system, alarm system, etc.)
  • Age of the house
  • Mechanical/structural components like roof, heating and cooling, etc.
  • Desirability of the lot
  • Appeal of the neighborhood and school district

Are list price and sale price different?

List price is the price you list the home for sale; sale price is the price you actually sell it for, after negotiations.

Are assessed value and market value the same?

Nope. They have nothing to do with each other. The assessed value is nothing more than a figure the local municipality uses to collect the appropriate amount of taxes.

Still have questions?