Tailgating 101

Rise and Shine:

Get up early; First-come, first-serve tailgating spaces at the stadium are available for every home game day. The desirable spots in Lot C are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.  If you dilly dally, you will be directed to the back lots, Lots M, N or P.  Tailgate spaces open up 5 hours before kick-off.


Know the rules:


Plan ahead: 

Freeze water bottles as a substitute for ice, you can drink them later on.  Bring three coolers- One for beverages, one for raw meat for the grill and one for prepared food. Don't forget the heavy duty trash bags. Pack a variety of snacks and finger foods, ready to serve, while friends wait for the grill. Less fuss is better. 


Stand out in the crowd:

Make a tall, unique tailgating flag and fly it as high as you can! Your friends will need the landmark. Dropping a pin may not work when cell service gets jammed.  


Tailgating is an all day event:

 Dress in layers. Wear Sunscreen. And drink plenty of water. 


Take a walk and explore the other sites. 


Don't forget your signature dish!  


Have fun!

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