Holiday Housing Market

Seller's are often hesitant that listing their house in the winter time will get them a lower price than in the spring.  According to a recent RedFin study the opposite is actually true. Seller's make more money on average in December - March than the rest of the year! Even in cold places like sunny Colorado. 

The reason sellers net more in the winter has to do with supply and demand.  There are less homes on the market so less competition. The buyers that are out in the cold and snow are serious and motivated. They are often prepared to take on inspection items that might otherwise drive down the price. There is also that dreaded anticipation of mortgage rates going up in the new year that drives people. Not to mention your home will look lovely decorated for the holidays! 

In a hot market listing sooner than later might just pay off! Dress your home up for the holidays and let's get it listed!