Renting vs. Buying

Did you know the average rent in Denver for a 2 bedroom is $1280?  A one bedroom is $1046!  And it keeps creeping up.  Honestly this is as much as a mortgage.  Now maybe you have to spend a little more than the average rent to get what you want in a home, but guess what?  In 10 years your mortgage will be the same while the rental pricing will have surely increased.  In fact often times if you gain equity and depending how much you put down your mortgage may even go down over time!

So I ask you why not investigate buying today?  The New York Times put out a great little calculator to get to the bottom of the questions; is it better to rent or buy?  Try it out here.

Oh wait you already own?  Then why not thinking of picking up an income property?  If you buy something now your renter can pay the mortgage off and create cash flow in the future.  Sell it when your kids go to college or hold it to supplement your income when you retire.  Either way making your investments work for you is smart.

Denver stats were found on Rent Jungle