Why you should list your house in the winter?

In Colorado we have a perception that you should only list your home to sell in the spring.  While it is always nicer to not have buyers trek snow through your clean, show ready home this theory is a little faulty.  Here are a few reason why I think listing in the Winter can be a positive:

1) People buy homes due to relocation or simply purchase ability all times through out the year.  Often people are gifted down payments over the holidays!  

2) If your home has some flaws people will over look those because their aren't a lot of other choices.

3) The inventory is low so the competition is less and if your home shows well you might actually have a bidding war.  

Here is a snapshot of Denver's current active listings so you can see how your home may actually rise to the top of the homes for sale heap if you considered listing it in the winter: